Product Development

You invent, we implement

Product development can be challenging but rewarding. At the end, you have the ultimate product that might rapidly gain a solid market share. Offcode has been involved in the various stages of product development. We have developed complete products for very small start-ups right through to large multinational companies. Offcode have been recognised for our outstanding expertise and competitive pricing. The list below illustrates just some of our expertise

PCB Design.Before any software can be used hardware must be designed and the physical device must exist. Although software may be run in simulation environments it is desirable to get the hardware up and running.

SW Design.Well designed software is the key to success. It is advantageous to pick the best known solution to start with. There are definitely a number of ways to make fundamental mistakes in the early phase. For example: what OS to pick, what SW stack to use. These are good questions and Offcode can provide you with our expert and professional answers.

CE/FCC approvals.Mass market devices need regulatory approvals. This is a good thing to keep in mind to avoid trouble in the future.

Production testers.Occasionally during the manufacturing process of complex devices, that contain a large number of individual parts, there may be the possibility that a small part may not be functioning as expected. Running a set of automated production tests is the answer to keep product quality high and functioning as required.

Whole package.Not interested in the details but want to have a complete solution? There is a high demand for getting things done within a fixed time frame and a fixed budget. Offcode can assist you with this.

Low power embedded systems.Linux is not always the optimal operating system for very small footprint systems. Offcode can help you to find the correct and best alternative for your needs.

Robust product development - At any phase

Whether you are thinking of product development or have met issues that are likely to slow down your business case, we are here to listen to you. Even if your business growth is exceeding your expectations, keep in mind that this rapid growth may not last forever.

Early phase. Your innovative idea is your key to success, but it still has to be accomplished. Keep in mind that Offcode have developed numerous products and therefore, we may already have a proven solution that could turn out to be a viable and cost-effective starting point. Don't hesitate to 'kick some tires' before starting everything from scratch.

Product development.It is a great achievement once the early version of your product is at hand, but it may be likely that there are bugs and problems to overcome. It is desirable that the time frame towards a functioning end product is deterministic. There are many risks to assess as the technology may be soon outdated and updating the hardware may introduce a new set of troubles. If your project gets delayed due to a small bug or problem, even slightly, there is always the possibility that trying to fix the issues may cause your project to be delayed even further. Contacting Offcode to assist can help to get your project back on track.

Commercialization. Now that your product has reached "go to market" quality we can congratulate you! Your success is our success. Yet still some unexpected problems may still arise as the wider audience starts to enjoy your product. Continued maintenance and some further development may still be required.

Regardless of what phase you project is at, Offcode are here to assist you and to build a long standing working relationship with you. Offcode supports and celebrates your success, as your success is our success.

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