Advanced Data Node (ADN42)is a data acquisition device with very low current consumption. With only 120uA (micro Amperes) of average standby current the device is welcomed in scenarios where the current consumption matters. Whether the system is battery-powered or produces electricity itself with solar panels or other elements, ADN42 fits in perfectly. Moreover, low current consumption is a desirable feature regardless of the use-case.

ADN42contains a built-in modem (GSM dual-band) for data connectivity. In addition, GPS sensor is also integrated into the device.

ADN42is well-suited for measuring temperature, pressure, moisture, flux, location, water level and quality - or any information your sensors are capable of capturing. It's made of industrial grade components guaranteeing a long life.

Check out the ADN42 datasheetin pdf format for more information

ADN42 script generator available here

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