Hire a specialist for specific technology problem

Consulting is your external help and aid for issues that cannot be resolved with ease internally. Offcode provide expert consulting services to minimize costs help to resolve any challenges with your Android delivery, special purpose hardware and all things related to the embedded world. Just a few examples of our areas of expertise are:

Extreme linux services.Is your device drawing too much current? Is something not quite right with the kernel that you are using? Are you having issues power management issues or perhaps there is just something that you would just rather not do yourself. Offcode can take care of it for you.

Board bring-up.Offcode can perform the required steps for waking up your embedded or industrial device.

Linux wakeup.Embedded devices need the operating system in addition to the bootloader. Offcode's cutting edge expertise can do the task of integrating a fresh linux kernel into your hardware.

Electronics.Offcode will help you to discover a set of feasible electronics and can provide a complete working solution for your needs.

Custom linux drivers.Perhaps there is a need for a linux driver for your product. Our experts have a strong background in developing custom drivers for any electronic device. A few examples of what we have worked with are USB, audio, camera and touchscreens.

Low power embedded systems.Linux is not always the optimal operating system for very small footprint systems. Offcode can help you to find the correct and best alternative for your needs.

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