About Offcode Ltd.

Offcode Ltd. is an embedded systems design company specializing in embedded Linux and User Interface Technologies.

Our small team of specialists has more than 150 years of experience of embedded systems development in mobile and fixed embedded systems and we are known as being the best in our class.

Offcode Ltd. is privately held and funded company and we are constantly looking for co-operation opportunities within new innovative projects.


Our Services

We provide a wide range of services from subcontracting to full product development.

We have a small core team of people focusing on our key areas of expertise where we can achieve the best efficiency and value for our customers. In case additional effort and expertise is needed we have our network of contacts within the mobile industry.

Our customers are device manufacturers, software vendors and system integrators located in the USA, Far East, UK, France, Austria, Sweden and Finland.

We have done Linux base ports to various embedded devices and implemented necessary Linux device drivers. We have worked with most Embedded Operating Systems. Over the years we have developed various types of applications, including device drivers, testing utilities and protocol software. We have implemented device drivers for Linux and Windows operating systems.


Contact information

Offcode Ltd.
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90500, Oulu

+358 50 387 6632

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